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Code: 5970
Rotating stand with 9 screwdrivers
Code: 30080
Bergeon screwdriver size 0.80 - 1.60 mm
Code: 4266
Model for removing unbreakable glass
Code: 6287-D
Assortment of 5 files with strong handles

Code: 4422
Bergeon eye glasses # 1.5~4.0

Code: 1458-A-12,15
Bergeon removable loupe 12X, 15X
Code: 30636-1
Hands remover
Code: 4932
Snap on case opener
Code: 2819-08
Case opening for waterproof case

Code: 4657
Dust blower
Code: 4657
Cleaning product rodico
Code: 1282-A
Leather buff
Code: 7404-1, 2
Hands setting tool
Code: 6808
Bergeon anti static matt

Code: 6767-F
Spring bar remover
Code: 6744-P
Support to eject pins
Code: 6618
Pliers to remove spring bar
Code: 5555/98
Water resistance Tester

Code: 5860
Pin vice with 2 chucks
Code: 30102

Basic Battery & Strap Replacement Set
Code: HBBSR1

2.Tweezers 1.Case Closer 8.Friction ball.

1. Case Closer
2. Tweezers
3. Case Opener & Closer
4. Spring bar Remover
5. Screwdrivers
6. Wooden Die
7. Wooden Case Holder
8. Friction Ball - Case Opener
9. Dust Remover
10. Knife to open snap-on case watch
11. Plastic Strap Holder
12. Strap Shortener
13. Hammer


3.Case Opener
9.Dust Blower
4.Spring Bar Remover.

11.Strap Holder

12.Strap Shortener

6.Wooden Die Case Holder7.

Basic Repair Set
Code: HBR1

3.Screwdrivers 7.Oiler 8.Oil 9.Oil Cup 10.Plastic Holder 1. Multifunction Tester
2. TYMC Tester
3. Screwdrivers
4. Tweezers
5. Pin Vice
6. Brush
7. Oiler
8. Oil
9. Oil Cup
10. Plastic Holder
11. Eye Loupe
12. Loupe Ring
13. Hands Remover
14. Oil Glass

4.Tweezers Quartz Meter1. 11.Eye Loupe
5.Pin Vice 12.Loupe Ring
6.Brush TYMC Tester2. 13.Hands Remover 14.Oil glass

Code: TND01
Extra Large Nylon Dies
Best for case closing and glass fitting for popular big-size watches without leaving any scratches.

1set includes 5 pcs of high-quality nylon plastic dies.
Code: TPN01
Panerai Case opener
A perfect tool to open the case back of Penerai watches with out leaving any scratch.
Available for 40, 44, 45 and 47MM Panerai watches.

Renata Lithium Single

A Croc Blk



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